Pat Arnold Youth Trapping Camps for Youths between the age of 12-14 sponsored by the New York State Trappers Association
 Pat Arnold Youth Trapping Camps    for Youths between the age of 12-14      sponsored by the  New York State Trappers Association  

Welcome to the Pat Arnold Youth Trapping Camps

2024 camper registration forms are up

There will be two camps, Camp Rushford and Camp Mandaville, trying to open a third camp in the future.



Please e-mail the Camp Directors with questions. Their phone numbers will be forwarded to you via e-mail for final coordination if needed, and emergency contact.


We cannot wait to see your campers!  

This website is dedicated to Pat Arnold's vision to bring trapping to our youth.  The program Pat started has been very successful. Each year we are getting more and more kids to enroll.  So many kids in fact that we added a new camp in 2014. None of this could have been possible without the steadfast committment of Pat Arnold.  Please visit the Pat Arnold Tribute Page to learn more about Pat Arnold.  

The New York State DEC Sportsman Education Program supports Pat Arnold's Youth Trapping Camps. Click on the DEC logo for more information about Sportsman Education.




The Pat Arnold Youth Camps are owned and operated by the New York State Trappers Associaton.


NYSTA would like to thank the Oswego County Trappers Assocation for sponsoring this Website.

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